Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stitch Fix Review: Deja Vu Boxes

We did another Stitch Fix round. This time due to some birthdays, we opted to have our fix a little earlier than we had in the past. I realize this blog has become quite Stitch Fix heavy - but who doesn't like a little shopping ever so often? Fear not though, there will be other non-clothing related posts as well shortly. :)

This round was a set of boxes that looked eerily familiar as a number of items were in multiple boxes and one of the items was in someone else's box the prior round. I will warn you, dear reader, that this is not a short post -- there are a number of items given that we had 4 boxes to go through! Whee!   (Prior boxes blogged here: Box 1Box 2, Box 3

So let's get started, shall we?

My Box 
(1) Donelle Lurex Floral Pattern Dress from Mystree
I loved the subtle pattern of the flowers and the subtle shine that came from the stitching. It's a fun twist on the LBD (Little Black Dress) and easily customized with a belt.

(2) Noel Crochet Detail Sheer Sleeveless Top from Conceptual Concepts
I'm loving the romantic, ever so subtly boho, look these days. I was a bit worried the pink wouldn't work for my complexion but it looks fine in the pics. Most likely thanks to the CA sun for that subtle tan I've worked up.

(3) Ivy Zig-Zag Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse from 41Hawthorn
The fit, not bad. The pattern was adorable. The color combo of the blue and black was a wee bit too much for me.

(4) Olive Fit and Flare Pointe Dress from Black Swan
The ballerina dress that was in my box, Laurie's box and Laura's box (in red). For me, it hit really high up and with my tall torso, it didn't cut it. Below are some of our best ballerina poses for your enjoyment.

(5) Layered Gold Leaf Necklace
No picture - I liked the gold part but I was not a fan of the rest. It felt a bit cheap to me. I did contemplate just removing the rest of the sections and only keeping the gold bit. 

Coleen's Box
(1) Bryce Pin-Tuck Short Sleeve Blouse from Under Skies
We all felt it was an interesting color but nothing special enough to keep it.

(2) Jay Houndstooth Printed Skirt from Lasome
This worked really well for Laurie. We have a number of outfits that we created with this skirt. :)

(3) Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from 41 Hawthorn
The sleeves were interesting. It's not a bad basic black blouse if you needed one. However, none of us were in love with it. I think the fit is better than some of the other blouses we've tried.

(4) Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt from Peppermint and (5) Two Strand Glitter Gems Necklace from 41Hawthorn
Both Laura and I are wearing the skirt and I have the necklace on as well. Super fun and cutesy although I felt like a sailor girl (hence the weird pose).

Laura's Box
(1) Eleanor Contrast Piping Peplum Top from Under Skies
I'm not sure where a peplum shirt is supposed to hit but it didn't hit any of us in the right spot. Both Laura and I have relatively longer torsos for our height and this showed off the tummy a bit. 

(2) Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse from Collective Concepts
Pretty and cute but nothing too special. If you recall, Coleen had this in her box in the last round but in green.

(3) Art Deco Gems Necklace from 41Hawthorn 

(4) Sophia Skinny Jeans from Kensie Jeans
Laura's wearing the jeans in a number of the pics above but as with the last set of jeans, they were too long.

(5) Olive Fit and Flare Pointe Dress from Black Swan 
(Deja vu - see above)

Laura's Box
(1) Two Strand Bubble Necklace from 41Hawthorn 
Very pink. Very neon. 'Nuff said.

(2) Huntly Cat Print Collared Tank from Pink Martini
Who doesn't love a good cat print? Especially for a cat owner, this is the perfect shirt!

(3) Katana Mini Dot Crew Neck Sweater from Tulle
A little short for those with long torsos (darn them torsos!) But super adorable on Laurie (and super adorable with the houndstooth skirt).

(4) Donelle Lurex Floral Pattern Dress from Mystree
(Deja vu - see above)

(5) Olive Fit and Flare Pointe Dress from Black Swan 
(Deja vu - see above)

So what did we keep?
Me: Floral pattern dress and crochet sheer top
Laurie: Cat print shirt, Mini Dot Sweater and Houndstooth Skirt
Coleen: Nada
Laura: Zilch

Hope you guys enjoyed a little look into our Stitch Fix boxes!  (Prior boxes blogged here: Box 1Box 2Box 3

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm loving that you're each trying on each piece. And it's so interesting how each person decides to style it. I got the houndstooth skirt also, and I love the look with the white sweater & belt. It just looks like you guys are having a blast!