Monday, August 19, 2013

Brunch: Plow

We're a brunch-loving couple. Back in Pittsburgh, we went to Pamela's religiously. We're on a mission to find our "Pamela's" in the Bay Area. We have searched high and low and we're still not content. I thought it was time to start blogging our little mission and if you have any recommendations for this area, do share.

We love brunch so much that the hubs doesn't complain when I ask him to drive up to the city and wait in the fog for an hour to finally get a taste of plow.

We've joked before that it seems like they have chickens in the back laying the eggs before the cook them. Their food just oozes with freshness. Every time I go there, despite wanting to try new things, I can't get over their crispy potatoes (totally worth the extra workouts required) and the lemon ricotta pancakes. They are so awesome that I tried making them at home with no success. After a few attempts to mimic the pancakes at home, I've held up the white flag and so now we just head up to the city when I have a craving.

While tasty, it's just a bit far to make this our place. And the brunch mission continues...