Thursday, August 01, 2013

All in the name of science

Both my husband and I are really just kids who never grew up. Invite us to a science museum and we are in -  any day, any time! So when we had a chance to check out the Exploratorium in SF together, we jumped in. No hesitation.

Science is fun - and hard work...

And we're willing to be just a little crazy in the name of science. (Yes, because otherwise we're perfectly normal and don't do anything that's too cray cray ;-).

And science also confirmed that I am a speech goat. Not that I didn't know I was a goat, but the spectogram (a machine to show the spectrum of frequencies in sound in a visual way) made it all the more obvious to my husband why speech recognition software has a rough time with my voice.

Ah yes, science explains so many things.

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