Saturday, June 29, 2013

StitchFix Box 2.5

As I mentioned before, I've been using Stitch Fix to get my clothes. My stylist Margaret has given me some amazing pieces, things that I'd never try on in the store but I adore. (Box 1 blogged here)

This time my friend Laurie and I aligned our dates so that we'd get our Stitch Fix boxes at the same time. We're similar sizes and we thought it'd be fun trying on 10 pieces rather than 5. Because more is always better (at least according to the recent AT&T commercials). It was a blast -- so much so that we're going to make sure our next boxes arrive on the same date as well!

Laurie's Box

(1) Pink, blue and patterned from Fun2Fun
I think we were a bit torn on this at first. Although we all thought it looked cute once you added a cardi.

(2) Green and white cardi and (3) bib necklace
I thought this looked adorable and it's nice and light. Perfect for the office in the summer time. The bib necklace was much better out of the box (but then again, most things are). :)

(4) Ilean Crochet Detail Sleeveless Blouse from Collective Concepts
The color is stunning on this. I loved this the minute Laurie held it up and wanted to claim it right then and there. Hah.

(5) Jeans 

My Box

(1) Mariah Lace Print Back Cut-out Tank from Fun2Fun
I thought it was a bit big on me. Laurie added a cardi and definitely helped it out a lot.

(2) Flower Dangle Bib Necklace from Baublebar
What a fun color!

(3) Josefin Stripped Ruffle Detail Blazer from Collective Concepts
Fit - amazing. Stripes - a bit too strong for me.

(4) Leisel Sheer Striped Knit Tank from Mystree
Super fun and summery. Light and casual.

(5) Yolanda Printed Shift Dress from Under Skies
When I tried this on, I felt it was boxy and Laurie happened to have an awesome black belt. Even better with some leggings.

And Micron definitely approves... at least approves of the box. ;-)

So what do you think we picked?

Me: The Leisel Sheer Striped Tank and Ilean Crochet Detail Sleeveless Blouse (from Laurie's Box)
Laurie: Yolanda Printed Shift Dress (from my box) and the green and white cardi (from her box)

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix out, give it a shot! And find a friend to try things on with you for double the fun!


Carrie said...

I agree with both your picks :) Though I also liked the striped blazer, you know I like crazy things :) haha.
I haven't jumped on the bib necklace train yet. Out of these two I liked the shorter one better.

Anonymous said...

Love that orange crochet tank..! Any idea on the price? Do you have a link for stitch fix? I've loved your posts and would live to give you some credit when I sign up :-)