Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stitch Fix Review

So this isn't my typical post but at the same time, I don't think I've crafted in awhile so I have a feeling this blog is going to diverge a bit - might even change my header if I'm feeling crazy. :)

I signed up for a service called Stitch Fix, which is a fun, personal styling service. Mainly because I wanted to try to bring a sense of style into my wardrobe. After you fill out a profile on your size and your style, they send you a fun box of goodies. You can schedule it to come every month (or manually set which dates you want them to come). Each item also comes with a little tag that tells you how to style it with things you might already have in your closet.

I'm normally not someone to buy clothes via mail but I realized that over the years, my closet has become dangerously filled with items from White House Black Market. Mainly because every time I go, one of the sales lady helps me pair outfits and I buy three times more than I intended (and three times more than what I buy at other stores). Also, being a Computer Scientist, the idea of using machine learning and data analysis to refine what is included in my box is fascinating to me.

Couple of reasons why I'm loving Stitch Fix so far:
  • A box of clothes landing on my front door without having to lift a finger. I've been crazy busy so this is a fun way to add a little retail therapy to my life once a month.
  • Trying on clothes in the comfort of home and getting my husband's opinion without dragging him into the mall.
  • Having someone tell me how to style things and pick out things I might not try myself
  • Using social networking to get my friend's thoughts (and have a few days to ponder). Follow me on Instagram for all the conversations. :) 
As I'm a compulsively curious person who loves seeing what everyone else gets, I figured it was only right that I also post my Stitch Fix box. So here you go!

Item 1: Sunburst Multi Color Scarf
Verdict: Pass, maybe? Still on the fence...
While I love the pop of colors and the fact that it'd probably go with a lot of what I have already, I'm not convinced I'm a scarf gal. I'm glad I tried it and I'm definitely on the fence here. We'll see how I feel tomorrow after I prance around the house with it on some more. :)

Item 2: Catie Printed Tunic
Verdict: Pass
This was slightly large on me and looked a little funny near the bum area - although nothing a little altering couldn't fix. This actually hit me mid-thigh and as I already have stubby legs, I felt that a tunic that hit me mid-thigh only made me seem shorter. I wanted to like this so much when I saw it but unfortunately the fit didn't work for me. I think tunics need to hit me in the hip and not the thigh or maybe just needs the better fit? Not sure...

Item 3: Olle Sheer Back Cowl Neck Tank
Verdict: Pass
I was pretty close to keeping this but unfortunately a stitch was loose on the back. I plan to email Stitch Fix to see if there's something we can do about it (or at least so they're aware). My husband begged me to keep this as he loved it that much - basically because he said it was soft and he loved the sheer back. But I wasn't about to keep something that had a loose stitch so had to pass.

Item 4: Callie Denim Jacket
Verdict: Keep
My husband claimed that Jean coats are "so 1978". But I kindly pointed out that those fashion statements were making a comeback. (I then commented that I really wanted to buy a pair of leggings because they look so darn comfortable and I'm pretty sure his jaw dropped). What I liked about the jacket is that it worked with a number of skirts I have in my closet that have been collecting dust like the coral skirt I pulled out this weekend to pair with the jacket. And with the chilly summer nights in the Bay Area, this will be perfect. I had been eyeing jean jackets for awhile but I never thought I had enough skirts to pair with it until I took a look at my closet and started pulling out some oldies but goodies. Might also encourage me to finally try some colored pants (as I think that would be awesome with this as well).

Item 5: Betsey Open Back Sweater
Verdict: Pass
Darn my long torso! I had to keep pulling it down or you'd see my tummy in these photos. It's cute but I don't feel right showing my tummy so out this went. (Yes the tag is sticking out but the little information panel and the tag were attached to it so it was easier to keep the tag out)

Overall: This was loads of fun and I nearly bounded up the stairs after my business trip and threw these clothes on. :) I'll definitely be getting some more boxes after adjusting a few size preferences. If you haven't given Stitch Fix a try, I highly encourage it. In full transparency, there are also other services that I haven't tried myself (Cake Style, Tog and Porter, Keaton Row) but definitely read up on some reviews if you're interested and let me know what you think! I am thinking of giving Tog and Porter a try -- maybe for my upcoming birthday month.

*That link will give me Stitch Fix credit just so we're 100% clear. Feel free to sign up without my referral code as well if that's how you roll.