Monday, August 06, 2012

Zoom zoom

I bike to work.
I aimed for most days.
Then I took a horrible fall.
A fall that I still have scars from.

So I took a little break.
And then I joined a sports league. One where the games are after work.
I'm not a fan of biking on the trail when there's no people around.
If I fall, I'd like someone to call 911 for me...

But I do like biking a measly three miles to work when I can.
It's freeing. Clears the mind.
And it's a mini workout.

Still playing with the more is more concept here.
I know... I could have added more.
 But that's not my nature.
This, in my mind, is already more.

I tend to actually lightly adhere things to the page.
(More because I'm a clumsy oaf and knock my layouts off the table many a times)
And then rip things off and place things under them as I see fit.
It's probably a bad habit as I've harmed many papers in the process but hey, it works for me.

I also played a bit with the bike stamp.
I was going to emboss and then mist.
But I realized I wanted a bit more control here so I went with inking.
I like having some control.
Especially because I didn't own any other pieces of gray cardstock.
I take more risks when I have backups.
And then because I had the embossing gun out, I figured I'd emboss "Enjoy the ride" on one of the banners.

When I was doing this layout, I couldn't get the Mazda commercial out of my head
"zoom zoom"
And then I decided since I was so speedy, I'd add another zoom for good luck.

I laugh because everyone passes me on the bike trail.
And I mean everyone.
But I'm totally ok with that.

Thanks for stopping by!


Glenda J said...

Fabulous layout! The colours and little details are perfect. Glad you've gotten back on your bike... sorry about the scars.

Kathi said...

I love how you used the little bicycle. And I love the zoom.

I hope you're okay from your fall and that you wear a helmet when you ride. It might look dorky, but a cracked head would look much dorkier.

Ren-Yi said...

i do like those letters for the zoom zoom and the bike is just perfect! love your lil details of paper piercing too!