Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It's Tractor Time

It's tractor time!

My team went to ride tractors.
Yes, you read that correctly.  Tractors.
And oh boy, was I excited.
I skipped.
Yes, skipped as in "skipped to my Lou".
And I've never been so excited to scrap a photo.
Because honestly, that face -- epic.

For this layout, I went a bit scrappier.
A bit messier.
A bit crazier.
More layers.
I was feeling a bit crazy.
If I was really crazy, I would have misted.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right color mist in my collection.

I'm sure some of you are secretly sitting there laughing and thinking "girl, you have no idea what layering is all about"
And you would be right - But this is already a lot for me...
More than any other page I have.
So I'm quite proud.

I tend to take photos of my layouts and then set them aside.
Then I go back and edit my photos and think to myself - what was I thinking?
Usually my jaw drops in shock.
Once I get over myself, I go back and add something.
Or move something.
Or take something off the layout.
And repeat the process.
Usually this is a few tries before I'm content.
Sometimes this takes days... not kidding.

This time, I just kept adding.
And I'm ok with that.
But there's a few closeups that I forget to retake.
Go back to previous posts and you'll see what I mean.
Reading my posts is like playing the "What's Different" game in Highlights
(Is that magazine still around? Because I loved it as a child).

Thanks for stopping by! And for listening to my crazy processes. Please, for the love of cookies, let me know if you do anything crazy like that as well. Or perhaps it's not as crazy as I thought?


Carrie said...

I love all the layers! What a random work field trip. LOL :)

Ren-Yi said...

you get to ride tractors as a field trip with your team? i so want that...where should i apply again? ;)

epic expression indeed. i love the layers - i have still not gotten into the scrapping as much but i usually don't do scrappy and it feels quite "off" - best to just go with it and then don't touch it and then try to embrace it ;)

Kathi said...

Wonderful layers and lots of stuff. I love the photo and that you get excited about tractors.