Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I attend baseball games when you feed me food.
Preferably nachos and garlic fries
There's something about that combination that's just magical for me.
And then if you add a great mascot...
Oh I'm so there.

I had this photo that  Carrie sent me from our trip to go see the Durham Bulls - a minor league team in NC.
For some reason, I had it in my head that the Durham Bulls mascot's name was Benny.
Because in my mind it was always Benny and the Bulls.
Until my dear dear husband reminded me that I was thinking of the Chicago Bulls.
Whoops. Too late now.

This bull is actually named Wool E Bull.
Sorry to the Durham Bulls. Sorry to Wool E Bull.
This is what happens when you scrap a picture that's at least 4 years old.
It's also what happens when you only go to baseball games for garlic fries.
If only Carrie was still my cropping buddy- she would have corrected me. :)

For this layout, I was feeling like layering a bit.
I took some of the pennants from October Afternoon's 9 to 5 collection
And for a little creative liberty, used it as patterned strips.
Because why not?
Who says you need to use product the way it was intended to be used?
Not me...

But just because I'm not a complete rebel, I did use some of the pennants the way they should be used.
Or I'd be stuck with some extra wooden sticks and I'm not what I'd do with them.
Or so that was the logic. :)

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Carrie said...

your layout is so cute I think Wool E. will get over the fact that you called him by the wrong name. haha. I'm glad those pictures I sent you are coming in handy! haha :) I love all your layers it looks awesome :)

Glenda J said...

This is so fun! Love the colours and all the fabulous little details.

Ren-Yi said...

heh - i love it. i especially love how used a border punch and a strip to ground everything.