Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip Layout

During our road trip, my husband stopped at every single state sign
We got honked at. We were stared at.
People thought we were cray cray.
Heck, there were times when even I thought we were losing our minds.

But at the end of the day, it was worth it. Honks, whistles, and all.
It was definitely fun to see all the different state signs lined up
And now that we had all these pics - what is a gal to do?
Ah yes... you make a layout. 
Because it's going to be really hard to convince me to drive across 8 state lines again...

Each of the welcome signs was cut and trimmed.
And they were even organized in the order we crossed them.
Well sort of... We crossed into the Wyoming/Colorado state line twice... 
(Long story)

When I started this layout, I figured I'd do a grid.
Grids are a great way to layout multiple photos.
Grids also make me happy.
And since all my photos were the same size and there wasn't really any one that was "more important" than the other, I figured a grid was perfect.

The photos in the grid are also adhered with dimensional adhesive.
Which makes it look cooler in person.
Yet another thing I can't get the camera to capture.

I stitched around the border.
Love the texture that this adds without any real bulk.
And because I think it adds a little interest to the edges as well for simpler layouts.
I also added few stars to the All-American feel of the layout.
Because really a few stars never hurt anyone.

And there you go - a simple layout for a crazy trip.
Is anyone else crazy enough to take these kinds of photos on a road trip?
Or any other photo traditions for trips that your family does?
We have more weird photo traditions... oh just you all wait!

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Carrie said...

haha that's awesome! I love how grids look too but I'm bad at getting it to look straight. haha :) Youre way better at the straightness. lol :)

I think Utah has the coolest sign. The California one is surprisingly lame. Though, I'm pretty sure the NC signs are not all that exciting either. I should pay more attention :)

Ren-Yi said...

oh that's awesome! i do love the grid - what nerd doesn't!

for photo traditions:
we always make a picture of any national parks we enter...
or on any observatory tower that we're on, we always do a shot of us both...
or any food we eat at a place along our road trip...

Kathi said...

I think it's really cool that you took photos as you crossed state lines. It's even cooler that you made a wonderful layout. I love the grid pattern since it's nice a clean. I also love the stitching. It adds a lot of visual interest.