Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When we were little, we used to give us free tickets to see the Chicago White Sox when (1) we got straight A's or (2) we got perfect attendance.
(Actually not sure if this was a Chicago area incentive or if it was just my school district? My husband went to school in the Chicago area as well but he can't remember why he went to baseball games as a kid)

I won't claim straight A's. 
Ironically, I don't think I got straight A's until I got to college.
And I assure you, my Alma Marta will NEVER make the top list of party schools.

I always had perfect attendance.
My mom made me go to school with bronchitis.
I took one of my standardized tests with a fever.
I remember my mom waiting outside for me and popping in to give me medication in between the tests.
Yes, we were *that* family.

But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how we got the tickets.
I always looked forward to these games.
Not because I particularly understood baseball..
But more because it's fun to be with the crowd.
And eat a hot dog.
Heck fricking yeah!

My husband loves baseball.
When we go back to Chicago for the summer, we usually try to catch a game at Wrigley.
Although sadly, I didn't think about it this year...
Alas, we wouldn't have had time anyways. 

Normally we get bleacher seats at Wrigley cos my husband likes trying to catch the balls that get out there.
And I like the bleacher seats cos that's where the crowd is.

This layout is actually my first time in Wrigley with the hubs (well BF at the time).
The hubs felt that I'd understand the game more if I could see it from above.
He quickly learned I don't care.
I just agreed because he promised me a hot dog.
I will go to any sports event as long as you promise me a hot dog.
Or nachos. Or anything remotely fatty.
It brings me a lot of joy to watch people run around while I pig out.

And yes, I know the song says "Take me out to the ball game"
That's the only comment my husband had when I showed this to him.
But I couldn't get it to fit.
And so I took a creative liberty. 

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Most supplies from the May Studio Calico Kit

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love a good Chicago Dog.
Give me an all-beef dog with my tomato wedges, mustard, chopped onion, pickle, peppers, relish and a dash of celery salt. And most importantly, no ketchup!
I could eat one every day.
I kid you not.

In fact, every year when I go visit the 'rents,
I pick myself up some fabulously neon green relish that I can only find in select stores in the Chicago area.

And so when my small-handed friend informed me she had never had a Chicago Dog...
Well, we had to get one (or two)!
Normally I'd take a fresh face to Hot Dougs, but we were super close to Superdawgs...
(For those of you going to Summer CHA, Superdawgs isn't too far away.. and it's fabulous)

And so here's the layout depicting our trip.
Cased the layout from KP (will have to dig up the original)
I really would like to go back now...
Or make the husband go out and grill me a dog.

I actually really like all sorts of hot dogs...
Just ask my husband.
I asked to go on a date outside Home Depot once because there was a fabulous hot dog man there.
(With some fabby red onion sauce... Oh yum!)
For the record, my husband is not a handy guy who likes Home Depot...
Ah, for the love of hot dogs!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Up Top

I think I've said this before.
When I go on vacation,
I jam pack in everything.

Because in the short time I'm there,
I'm determined to see everything.
You just never know when you'll be back...

So in Europe, we climbed lots of church towers.
Lots and lots. And I loved them all.

The view from up top is just stunning.
This one happens to be Grossmunster in Zurich. 

A Europe layout means lacey vintage to me.
And another attempt at layering.

While I was at it, I partook in the BPC challenges.
One was issued by Suzy Plantamura to use banners.
I love me a good banner. And apparently Suzy loved mine a little too.
Thanks again Suzy! :-)

I also had some doilies that I managed to sneak onto the layout.
Almost as an afterthought though.
I just cut out the centers of the doilies and stuck them around my already glued down embellishments.
But shhhhh!

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Red-Haired Mermaid

I've never gotten it...
But my husband has explained to me the allure of red-haired women many times.
I just don't get it.

Maybe that's because I grew up thinking men wanted silky black haired women...
My mom always said "Eat more seaweed so your hair will be black to attract the men"
I ate lots of seaweed. Lots and lots. 
Heck, we have a huge pack of seaweed that my mom just gave me last time we went to visit her.
So red-haired, really???
Hah, blame my culture.

But being the nice wife that I am,
I gave my husband a red-haired woman.
The only red-haired woman he's going to get...
Well, if he wants to stay married to this silky black-haired girl...

This layout was my attempt to layer more.. yeah... I'm not convinced I layered more but I tried...
What can I say, I'm clean and simple. 

When I showed my husband the layout, he only had one comment.
A very guy comment.
My husband commented that his little red-haired girl wasn't wearing a top!
I argued that Cosmo is a nice family company but then I took a closer look...
I think I have to agree.

But I'll leave it up to you, dear reader, to make your own conclusion.
But only in this house can we argue for 30 minutes about a piece of chipboard.
Feel free to click on the closeup for a closer view of the topless red-haired woman.

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(All supplies from Studio Calico March kit, Into the Woods)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Waltzingmouse Stamps May Release - Waltz

Welcome to the Waltzingmouse March Release Design Team Blog Waltz. Make sure to start at Claire's blog to go through the entire waltz! You should have come here from Sarah's blog - if you didn't, be sure to make the rounds! There's some fabulous eye candy and prizes to be won!

Remember you can win a free stamp set by leaving a comment at each blog post along the waltz, including this post! Your comment must be received by 11:59 pm EASTERN on May 2nd. One winner will be chosen from comments left on one of the DT member's blogs! So leaving a comment on this blog gives you a chance to win some free goodies and by making the rounds, you can increase your chances!

Today our cards feature Say It Loud. It's a fabulous set filled with large sentiment and then some small accompanying sentiments. :)

Thanks Card

For this card, I used one of the gingham backgrounds from Gingham & Co. I stamped it first. And then embossed my sentiment over it. Make sure you dry your stamping completely or your embossing powder might stick to the other stamped image. (And that's definitely not what you want).


Birthday Wishes Card
So this second card, I meant to share yesterday. This is actually created with the doilies from the Dainty Doilies Large set. :) I love the calming effect of bg stamping.
This gives you a closer look at the stamped bg. I love playing around with the bg sets and sometimes what you make surprises you.

Thanks for stopping by. The next step along the way is the fabulous Mona! If you haven't been waltzing, make sure to start at  Claire's blog and remember to comment for a chance to win!