Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start Being Awesome!

I like to believe I'm always right.
Just ask my husband.
And usually I am. :-)

I just can't tell everyone else that point blank.
But I can tell my friends and family about how right I am.
So I apologize to W, Laurie, my small-handed friend, and my brother for talking their ears off.
If you don't want me to talk your ear off, don't call me this week. :-P

My poor, poor husband had to listen to me rant about Knuth for the last few days.
And if you have no idea who that is, I'm pretty sure your life is much better for it.
(Let me also say that I totally respect the guy. He's brilliant)

Although I have to admit, it was nice to rant about something other than the state of this country.
Not reading the news and watching the Daily Show for a few days will do that to you.
(Ah, Wisconsin... you will surely be back in my rants tomorrow. I apologize for not giving you some loving the last few days)

So after a horrible, no good, totally bad moment,
I was feeling a bit sad. 
What do I do when I'm sad?
I play with paper and glue. 

It's not perfect. I didn't spend that much time on the layout.
But it was great therapy. Cheap therapy too!

When I was feeling a bit sad, I remembered one of my favorite quotes from How I Met Your Mother.
Barney wisely states "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and start being awesome instead".
(I suspect there might be some more Barney quote in my layouts soon... because he's *awesome* )

Now say awesome in a sing-song voice. I'm *awesome!*
Now doesn't that feel much better?

Well, fine, it made me feel better. :-)

If saying it in a sing-song voice doesn't work, try saying it with some jazz hands as well.
*jazz hands*

Ok, I'm easily amused...

I know I'm right.
Even my brother agrees with me, then you know I'm right.
He's one of the smartest people I know.

And I don't say that because he's my brother.
We spent our entire childhood disagreeing-- mainly because I would steal his Barney puppet.
But that's not the point...

I say it because I don't know how he managed to pick up the smart genes.
I came first! I should have had the first pick of the good genes!

Well, I think you're sick of hearing how "right" I am.
So I'll stop before I lose my blog readership.

Thanks for stopping by!
And remember, be *awesome!*
*Jazz hands!*

Most supplies from the Studio Calico Feb Kit, Candy Shoppe
Cardstock: (kraft) Papertrey Ink
Patterned Paper: (red polka dot) Crate Paper, (blue grid) Basic Grey, (red grid) Papertrey Ink
Accents: (ribbon rub-on) Studio Calico, (chipboard stars, buttons) JBS
Fibers: (twine) May Arts
Tools: (paper piercer) Making Memories, (1 inch circle punch) EK Success, (circle cutter) EK Success, (pinkered edge scissors) Provo Craft


BabyBokChoy said...

It IS perfect!

Dana said...

I totally want to hang out with you Belinda. You just come off as this amazingly real, intelligent, down-to-earth, clever girl.
Go ahead and feel sad. It deserves just as much respect (as a "feeling") as every other possible option!
And yes, I did say "awesome" out loud in a sing song voice. Just too see what it sounded like. My dog looked at me funny.

Lynsey said...

Love it! You are totally awesome. :)

Glenda J said...

Love your page and love your post - great work.

You are awesome... I've been feeling a bit sad lately myself so maybe I should start being awesome!


Lyn S said...

Ha ha! Awesome post and layout Belinda!

LaurieM said...

This page looks super fun and so you. Glad that scrapping provided some therapy for you. :) (And don't worry...I know you are right too)

LaurieJ said...

Don'tcha just love Barney?! You ARE awesome. If you ever question it, just come on out to your blog and ask us - we'll tell you. Your layout is awesome, too.

alexandra s.m. said... are awesome!! and so is this page of yours ;-))

IamDerby said...

Terrific layout! Love all the embellies.

Ren-Yi said...

if you ever need someone to tell you you're awesome, just give me a call :) i love your LO. fun and bright and the lil button stars, your journaling and the "awesome" thicker!

Kelly S. said...

Heee! This post managed to cheer me right up! I LOVE that layout, it's so adorable! Another thing to make you feel happy?! Keep hitting the exclamation point after everything you type in somebody's blog comments!!!!

Kathi said...

Your layout is perfect and awesome!!!
*********Jazz Hands***************

Thanks for the giggle.