Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Close To You

I started to feel like all my layouts looked the same.
Not that it's bad.
It's not like when I look back on my layouts 10 years from now,
I'm gonna say "Self, that's the same darn layout with different papers."
No, I'll probably be like, "Self, why do I look so decrepit now?"

It's just fun to try something different.
And there was a challenge issued.
So I decided to stray from my "one photo with some paper piercing" layouts.

And then quickly realize that it was a bad bad idea
It's like the time I decided I wanted bangs.
Bad bad idea.
(Although I'm currently contemplating bangs again... Do I ever learn?)

I thought about just shuffling it into my album for just me to see.
But it's no fun if I don't share it.

I was going for the graphic look.
A modern look....

I feel like it looks like a really bad 90's advertisement.

Just replace the text with "Buy your girl some bling!"
Maybe this is just my subconscious wanting more bling...

After consulting with Carrie, I decided maybe it was the swirly gems.
But it's too late to remove that.
So eh!

I had to use my bling though.
I always buy these swirly gems because they look so pretty in the package.
And yet when I bring them home, I have no idea what to do with it.

I also LOVE having someone who will give me feedback.
Sometimes when you think something is wrong, it helps to have someone tell you that you're on crack or tell you how to fix it.
I love when someone is brutally honest with me.

You can see that I did fiddle with a few things.
Which you can tell if you look carefully. I did not retake my closeup shots. :)
It's like playing the What's Different game in Highlights.
I loved that magazine as a kid.

I also weakened my center alignment a bit.
I felt like that gave me less of a "calculated" look and more of a "scrappy" look.

So this look is not me.
Whatever this "look" might be.
But you never know until you try.
And at the end of the day, it's all about the memories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Papertrey Ink, My Mind's Eye
Cardstock: Papertrey Ink
Sticker: (SC Candy Shoppe Kit) Crate Paper, (letters) Sassafrass
Accents: (gem swirls) Zva, (gems) Hero Arts
Font: (Veteran Typewriter) DaFont


Lindsay said...

You want the truth? Really? The whole truth and nothing but? Okay...IT. IS. GORGEOUS. Seriously, I love everything about it! The photos for one are stunning! The LO is very well done. Really Belinda, this is just fabulous!

Ann said...

I agree with Lindsay! Belinda, this layout is so nice and fresh looking! Beautiful...a job well done! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

Oh girl, you are way too hard on yourself. This layout looks fantastic! It really does.
I totally thought in my mind "I love those colors and all the details" even BEFORE I actually went back and read your text. LoL....
I tend to feel weird when I go out of my comfort zone too. But you really pulled this off. Great job on everything!

BabyBokChoy said...

Indeed, he should buy you a ton of bling from zva and prima etc!!! I would send him some links as hints! lol. You are an amazing scrapper my dear!

Dana said...

Ok. First thought? Wow, I love this. I love the white space, and the thin strips of color. The actual LO is great, and isn't overwhelming. She's GOOD.
Second thought? Should I try to find something to critique so she'll know I can be honest?
Third thought? See first thought.

alexandra s.m. said...

You're such a perfectionist I'm laughing out loud!!
Your bling is fine there I think it works well with the nice B&W pictures.


Stephanie Gruss said...

Heads up, you're on crack! It's a fantastic page!

Kelly Noel said...

i think it looks awesome! good for you stepping outside of your box! thanks for playing along :)

Carrie said...

Haha, I don't see what you're hating either :) I agree, instead of whatever 2nd anniversary is, you should get a years' supply of scrappybling. sweeet :)

Ren-Yi said...

you are your worst critic! lol
i love your pics and the chicago skyline and the way you framed off the pics so that you created quadrants. i think it turned out better than you're giving yourself credit for...and you can never have enough bling ;)

Mariena said...

I love the color palette and the bling is one of my favorite parts. The swirls complement the hard lines quite well.

The only thing I think is there's just a lot going on. Maybe because of so many different edges/cuts on the paper?

Either way I think it looks great and it's always good to push th envelope to see what you're good at find new things you do like.

BethieJ said...

Belinda this is FABULOUS!! LOVE the whole thing! and what GREAT photos of you and your hubby! :)
Hope your day is GREAT!

judy said...

Stunning layout!

jamie long said...

I so did not do this challenge, anytime I "try" to do something instead of just letting it come organically it turns out bad. I think you did a great job though.

Mara... said...

I think it's fantastic. I love the black and white photos with the colors you picked, very classy. And I like the bling and the JOURNALING is awesome which is what scrapping memories is all about. Fabulous job, Belinda.

Lyn S said...

Just gorgeous Belinda!

Anonymous said...

STUNNING!!! I love your layout, so pretty!

Lee said...

I am loving all your LO's. You are so talented. This LO is stunning!

Kathi said...

I really like it and what's more, I like the bling.

Graphic can be fun and if it looks like an advertisement (which it doesn't), that's not a bad thing.

The photos shine and that's the point, right?

kathy said...

Your LO is fabulous, really....and comparing it to an advertisement....do you know how hard they work to make them??? So you should feel great about it....the bling is a perfect touch.