Monday, March 28, 2011

A Bright Birthday

I've lived in Pittsburgh for 2 years.
More if you count my college years.

However, I can only drive to three places
1. Trader Joes
2. Anthropologie
3. The local stamp store

Everyplace else... well, the husband drives me to.
I'm not even convinced I know how to drive to my office.
(But I'm a big believer in public transit so I take the bus)

We own no GPS device.
I swear, we're like the only people not to own one...
Because my husband thinks its a silly device.
However, it sucks when I don't have a husband to drive me somewhere.

Like when I find myself in the Northeast.
Normally I rent one with my rental car.
But when I landed at 1am yesterday, I was too tired to care.
Then I got lost...
Lost on my way to the hotel.
Lost on my way to the client site.
Lost on my way to CVS.
(Because I forgot my prescription at home... but that's a whole other story)

I'm at my wit's end - I've begun looking for cheap GPS devices. 
Despite my husband making fun of me.

Yes, I'm directionally challenged.
And it does not help when the streets are not signed!
Darn Northeast!

In fact, I've been so tired that when my small-handed friend told me she saw this little card the other day, I forgot it was one I had created.
"Oooh, sounds cute" is what I said.
Ai yi yi!

It's pretty simple.
Just the fabulous music background set from WMS and with a little happy birthday sentiment.
And a feltie ice cream that I'd been hoarding forever.

It's good not to hoard.
And it's good to be bright.
Vellum does certainly help tone it down a bit as well. :)

Wishing you all a day without getting lost and a happy bright day.
Two of my favorite things. :-)


Lola G. said...

This card would definitely make any birthday a happy one!

Lee said...

Such a cheerful card! I love those colours.

Ines said...

Need some ice cream now! Lovely card. Thanks for sharing.

Greetings ines

PS: Thanks for your help with the baby welcome card.

bonnie said...

Oh what a sweet yummy! I've had GPS for a few years now and it is an absolute godsend. I am rubbish at map reading and directions and this has given me to confidence to go anywhere!!! I thoroughly recommend one, I wouldn't be without mine now! Good luck in finding one! Hugs x

Laurel said...

This is so sweet!

Lindsay said...

I just love your posts Belinda, cause I can always relate! I couldn't find my way out of a coffee can, so I know how you feel! This card is just what the Dr. ordered, so bright and happy! Good luck on your GPS search!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet card! We don't have GPS, good thing it is hard to get lost up here in the boonies! LOL

Diane Jaquay said...

This is adorable, Belinda! I love that yummy felt ice cream cone :)

BabyBokChoy said...

so we are afflicted with the same challenges when it comes to driving? good to know!! sigh..
hand over that icecream card and no one gets hurt! lol

Helen L said...

Hi Sweetie, So sorry your day was so bad (but you wrote about it with such humor that I enjoyed your post :-). And get a GPS, if for no other reason that after you get lost, you can type in an ice cream store, and you could go get one to make you feel better ;-)
And the card is so fun!! It's a great use of color and I love how you put it all together!

Courtney K said...

what a sweet card :)
and a gps is a very important device to have when out of town - it'll lead you right to the lss!!

Mariena said...

Belinda get a Droid! You can use search to find places and then use Google Maps to get there!

ps that card is one of my favorites of yours! it is so cute!
pps I think anthropologie is the best store ever. isn't it nice to have a place your husband can go and keep himself amused while you shop? lol

alexandra s.m. said...

Love it to pieces Belinda!!

Lyn S said...

Well, at least you know how to get to the stamp store Belinda! Good luck with the GPS search.

Great card BTW, love the felt icecream cone!

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

Cute card, Belinda! And, I'm glad to know I'm not the only directionally challenge. I've live in Houston going on 5 years and I still get lost all the time. Hubby got me a GPS yesterday after I got lost this past weekend. :D

Leah said...

So cute! Now I want icecream:)

Mara... said...

That ice cream cone is tooo cute to be hoarded! I'm glad you used it on the card. And I also am directionally challenged. Tonight we went to get frozen yogurt (which is about 3 blocks away) and I was mad my husband asked me to drive. LOL!! I hate driving!! And yes, we drove 3 blocks to get yogurt. No judging. :-)

IamDerby said...

You have a cell phone? I use the gps on my iphone. Its wonderful! Your card is too cute

Kathi said...

Sorry you got lost. Where were you? NJ has the worst signage I've ever seen. No matter where you are, there are signs for the GSParkway and the Turnpike -- even if they're 500 miles away.

The card is wonderful. I love how the vellum softened the background. That felt ice cream cone is awesome!!!