Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ten Things in '10

Not sure about you guys, but 2010 was one "h-e-double hockey stick" of a year. It's also made me re-think a few things -- realize what's important in life and what's a little less so.

I'm a firm believer in reflection to learn from your mistakes. I'm also a list person. I make them all the time - a to-do list, a grocery list, a list of what lists to make...

So what better way to sum up my 2010 year? Yes... a list to reflect. A list to look back.

A list of the best (scratch that), let's just say the most memorable moments of 2010.

The good and the bad.

The highs and the lows.

So that I will always remember 2010.

It felt good to use some older product I had laying around, just itching to be used. Inspired by the fun numbers from Sassafras Paper Whimsies (A mix of One Thru Twelve and Tailored Deck). The stickers are from October Afternoon. With the pre-made embellishments, this page came together relatively quickly.

I say "quickly" because it takes me a night to finish a card... a card that is only 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches (or 23.375 square inches). So for me to finish something that is 12 by 12 (or 144 square inches) in the same time it takes me to do 2 cards... I call that quick. :)

I held off on the journaling because I hate my own handwriting. Is that typical? I've been itching for a typewriter for ages but I'm not sure where I can find one cheaply.

This year, I expect you'll see some more scrapbook pages from me. In order for me to achieve this, I'd love to ask for some advice. To my scrapbooking friends, I'd love some tips on taking better pictures of your scrapbook pages... I struggled with this one a bit.

I'm taking a step back from the crafty deadline madness and focusing my craftiness back on preserving my memories, remembering my life and making cards to make my friends happy. Yes, everyone else is making resolutions about helping others and I'm focusing it back on me. Selfish of me, I know. But sometimes you need to take a step back to keep your sanity.

Have a fabulous week and thanks for stopping by! Here's to 2011 and may it bring us all a little more laughter and a little more time with the important people in our lives. :)


Glenda said...

Great page Belinda! Love it!

I second your sentiments on 2010. I have a tough time with scrapbooking so I reflected 2010 here:

Kryssi said...

beautiful page, girl! your handwriting is cute, don't be shy! :) i love seeing a lot of ppl diving back into or just getting into scrapbooking again! cards are so last year, jk! lol!

BabyBokChoy said...

You look HOT!!! lol.
I put my layout on a blank canvas 16x14, I stand straight over it, frame the layout so that all sides are parallel to the viewfinder. Burst shots 3-5, take another breath, burst shots 3-5, I usually take 20 photos of the layout and I mostly use Picasa to tweek it :)
Your layout is very easily fixable in Photoshop if you have that, to get the lines straight instead of parabolic, kwim? is this helping or am i rambling?!

Julia Aston said...

What a terrific page Belinda! great design and great way to remember the high points of the year!

Melissa said...

Such a great page! I'd love to find out how to photograph LO's as well!

Carolyn King said...

Beautiful page. I am still thinking on my page for 2010....never seem to be able to narrow it down to 10 things :) ha!
Love how you used the paper whimseys! (and I LOVE your handwriting too!)

Mara... said...

What a great page Belinda! I am sooo excited to be seeing more scrapbook layouts from you!!

I take photos of my layouts when the best light hits my house, in late afternoon. I either lay it outside on the cement or on a big white piece of cardboard. I stand directly over it. I will then crop it and adjust the lighting if I need too in photoshop. You are great at taking photos of your cards, you will get the hang of layouts too!

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Love this layout and I totally understand the getting back to creating for "you"...sometimes the DT and submitting stuff stifles my creativity!

alexandra s.m. said...

Fantastic Page!
I'm so happy to hear you want to scrap more ;-)

Lyn S said...

Great page Belinda! Good for you spreading out your talents to scrapping!

BethieJ said...

Belinda I LOVE this... Oh my.. I am gonna have to BORROW it.. hee hee!! I HATE my handwriting.. sigh..I think yours is very nice!!! I do have some FUN typewriter fonts!! Not the same as a typewrite but still fun!
Heres to MORE Belinda LOs in 2011! (and I agree we all need to step back a bit.. find our sanity! Create for FUN!! :) )
Have a GREAT day!!!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hello Belinda,

This is a gorgeous layout! I think you are already very good at this!! Don't know if you value that from a card-maker like me, hi hi, but it looks really professional! and what a fun idea to make a memory page with 10 things of 2010! Both good and bad should be remembered! And I think it's very good and brave of you, to focus more on yourself. And if it works out, that will also refelct on others, because you will feel more happy! So it's not selfish at all - it's just wise!! Hope you will have a lovely new year!!
All the best!

Hugs, Wendy

Chan said...

Gorgeous layout, Belinda! I love, love the colours and your use of Sassafras Paper Whimsies [I have some of those little cards, too, but am not always sure how to use 'em in my projects]! Your handwriting looks awesome, and I don't think it's selfish at all to re-focus your craftiness on preserving your memories. I've given you a blog award [], and I wanted to say a BIG congrats on your feature in the Jan/Feb Paper Crafts -- I love that 3 of your 5 cards have punny sentiments! Here's to a crafty 2011!! :o)

Brenda Weaver said...

beautiful page, Belinda! What a great idea to document the highlights of the year on one page. When I take photos of my pages I stand over them and take the photo straight down. Then I edit the photo in Picasa. It helps to sharpen your images. Just makes everything more clear.
Anyway, love the page. Good for you for focusing on things that you need this year! I kind of feel the same way. Wanting to cut back on deadlines. Good luck!

Alice Wertz said...

fabulous layout! your look fantastic in that photo! =) i haven't scarpbook for a looooong time and never taken a good photo of any of mine, so no help here... =) looking forward to seeing more of your layouts!

Courtney K said...

great idea for a layout belinda. love how you used the paper whimsies.

Kathi said...

Your layout is absolutely fabulous, as is your handwriting.

You've already got mad scrappin' skillz. I can't wait to see more layouts!

Photographing them. I gave up and scanned 'em with a legal size scanner and then used Photoshop Elements to "merge" them. Someone once told me to climb on a chair and shoot down on the layout. That resulted in photos of my boobs, feet, and falling off the chair.