Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is a pre-scheduled post

Thursday! :) One more day until I get to go home!

I never know if I'll have internet when I'm on a trip... I'm not a big fan of paying for internet (even when it's not my monies...) It's the principle! So I apologize for being super behind on commenting.

I love birds. I love silhouettes. I love music print. And so a card was born. :)

For the bird, I mirror stamped it. And then I realized it was too light for my taste. So I decided since I wanted the birds to be the same color, I went ahead and used glitter to cover it all up. Problem solved.  I really love this cooper glitter -- and will have to remember to pull it out again.

I love using the Cheerio sentiment from  Fancy Phrases. It's as if one bird is saying "Cheerio" to the other one. And the cheerio seems like something a bird would say... Well, at least in my mind they say things like Cheerio.  ;-)

The base is just a little bit of vellum. I like playing with texture and I won't lie. I needed something to use on the bottom of the base because I scored a piece of cardstock before realizing it wasn't a full A2 card size. Whoops... So what do you do? You fix it by adding some fun paper on the base.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Create: Stamping Idea Book

This card was published in the Stamping Idea Book from Scrapbook Trends.  (Thanks, Scrapbook Trends!)

Stamps are from Waltzingmouse Stamps (Very Vintage Labels No. 4 and Sweethearts).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WMS Customer Waltz

Welcome to another WMS Customer Blog Waltz

Instead of the typical watermark search game, we decided to take it a little easier on your eyes. Be sure to find the special word on every participating DT member's blog-o to answer the following question: What is the subject of one of the new stamp sets to be released on September 1st?

This month the theme was shabby/vintage.

I don't do either. I don't like inking. I don't like old.

Shabby always seemed to me a little soft (rather than STRONG) and a little aged (rather than fresh and new). 

I spent a weekend on this... pondering...

So let's see what happened shall we?

So here's my attempt. Honestly, when all was said and done, I realized that all I did was ink everything up. Haha. Ah, attempt at shabby failed... Miserably.

Really, the question is what didn't I ink up? I inked the ribbon and the edges of all the cardstock. I stamped the purple cardstock with a flourish from Victorian Frippery. The bird cage comes from Asian Garden and the sentiment is from  Fancy Phrases

Well, hoping to get some inspiration from people who can actually do shabby/vintage! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Crafty Chica

A super belated birthday to the crafty girl that taught me it was ok to use color. Heck, not only was it ok to use color, she told me to throw caution out the door and do crazy color combos. ;-)

So this card is for her. I didn't even try to use any of my normal go-to colors. We went with the brightest colors I own... I know, not as bright as life can be, but we're getting there!

Normally I don't show cards before people get them but... I needed blog fodder and I needed to throw in one small apology before this came your way Carrie (see footnote).

I thought it'd be fun to use some new goodies (Thanks PTI for the Gallery Idol prizes!). I thought it'd be fun to have some balloons trailing out of the car (inspired by a wedding photo with someone holding balloons out of their car window but I can't find the photo for the life of me).  I also knew this card was going to be in a package (what's a late bday card without some goodies?) so I could add all the weight I wanted with no worries.

No naked buttons here! They are all threaded and to add some visual interest, I did thread some of them differently. Not to say that went into mind during placement of the buttons... The "grass" is embossed with holographic embossing powder for the glittery look.

Note: It did occur to me as I showed my hubs the completed card that in the Midwest, green skies indicate an approaching tornado... So its almost as if this card is like "hahaha, you're driving into a dangerous storm -- have fun!" So I'm going to claim artistic vision here... By no means am I wishing anything but the best. :) Perhaps next time I'll stick with blue skies...

Friday, August 06, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Happy Friday everyone! :)

I just woke up from a very lovely nap -- I've been having a little bit of pain in one of my many moles and I think the stress of trying to get myself squeezed in for a checkup has tired me out a little. I get my moles/skin checked once a year, except with moving last year I actually let it lapse. Shame on me! So consider this a public service announcement -- make sure to go visit a dermatologist to get your skin checked out! It really is worth the extra preventative cost! Ok, I'm done with the scolding. Now that said, I wouldn't mind a few prayers my way -- I worry excessively, so I'm hoping maybe I just accidentally rubbed it in a funny way.

Ok onwards to happier things! I actually still haven't sat down to craft since I got back from vacation. We've been meeting up with friends and chilling a bit. Enjoying the small things in life: friends, food and wine. What more can a girl ask for?

I'm going to be sad soon as many people we know are leaving the area. :-( More of you need to move here and hang out with me -- because life totally revolves around me. Hah! No worries, I'm totally kidding.

This was a fun little card I made for a friend who needed a birthday card. I went with a pretty simple layout and love the look of using buttons as a side decoration -- although I know, I didn't thread the buttons. I'm not normally a "naked" button* person but honestly, I kind of like the look of the naked button in this case. Are you a "naked" button person? I think my laziness is trending me towards loving naked buttons.. There's something about it that works in a raw and natural way.

*Naked button - unthread and/or undecorated button