Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You know those wise people that tell you that you should study when you're still in the studying mood? They're wise wise people. I just spent 2 hrs going through some study material and I'm wiped out. My plan is to take a lovely standardized test this fall and then to retake it again in the spring (because I know my ability to take std. tests. Ask my mom about my SAT scores... she loves to tell everyone how poorly I did on those -- just ask any of my friends).

Unfortunately for you all, I will chug through! So I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging less and even more sporadically than I currently do (I'm pretty sure I'll be commenting less and more sporadically than I already do). Please don't love me less and please don't take anything personally. :-)

This card was going to be on its way to someone until I realized they were moving this week. I also don't have said person's new address. *coughStephcough*

Anyways, that said, perhaps someone will ping me her address. :)

Just a fun congrats card! :) Used some fun Hero Arts stamps, pearls and ribbon. Yum! I think its pretty self explanatory so I'll leave my usual chit chat out.

It's been a long day with a lot more trial and tribulations than I normally like. So I'm gonna go crawl into bed now with my study book.

I hate standardized tests.


Carrie said...

What is a "low score on the SAT" in your world? 1400?? Hahah. I have a hard time believing this first paragraph.. :)

I still have nightmares about... dog is to chicken as carrot is to... ?? When does that ever come in handy?

I like how you repeated the lace in the stamp and the lacy border! :) hotness :)

Mara... said...

What a gorgeous card Belinda!!! I love the pink, so pretty. And good luck on your standarized tests, I remember them and they are not so much fun!

Lyn S said...

Very pretty card Belinda! Good luck with the studying and tests.

Christine Riley said...

Wow! This is amazing, it's truly gorgeous, I love the pink. Good luck on your tests, I'm sure you will do great! :)
Hugs, Christine

Stephanie Gruss said...

My address isn't changing until July. We are going to be "babysitting" our renters for a little while and getting our mail at OUR house that we don't get to live in anymore. :( But that means that I get to go be a camp counselor of sorts...I'm posting on my blog about it tomorrow because I've had some questions!

Stephanie Gruss said...

Oh, and very pretty card! The cards I've received from you and Laurie have a very special place in my crafty stuff and will not be purged! :D

Dana said...

I'm sorry for your long tiring day. Take a much deserved break.
Your card is lovely. Really soft and pretty.
I, on the other hand, do fantastic on standardized exams...but suck at real life things! LOL! I'd rather be like you!

IamDerby said...

That lace card is truly lovely. I am like Dana good at tests but not always so good at real life stuff. LOL Best of luck

Kathi said...

Totally gorgeous. I love that lacy stamp.

Good luck on the GRE or whatever it is you're taking.