Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ok, the other thing I can't stop doing with Furnishing Fun set from Schlosser Designs is using a comb to create a wooden look. Just can't help it! Maybe I need to stamp a non-wood color chair and that'll break the habit! :)
Hope everyone's haveing a good week so far! And hope that snow finally clears out! Man, I feel like we've had snow every day this year! I love snow but I've had enough already to last me a lifetime!

Ok, onto cards! For this one, I cut out a little pear and put it on the chair. Just a perfect resting spot. :) I don't put my pears on chairs but in this house, it'd get sat on.

I scored three lines underneath the sentiment to help ground it a little. And I took a little scrap piece to punch a border on the bottom. :) Simple and fun!