Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flower Card Tutorial

I've been asked by a few people to show how I attached the "inside" of the card for my flower-shaped cards so I thought it was high time I did my first tutorial. :D

5 scalloped circles - 1 small, 1 medium, and 3 large ones (I use the 3 larger scalloped circles in my nestabilities)
1 2 inch circle (this will be the flower center)
1 3 1/4 inch circle (this will be the sentiment
2 hand cut leaves
Dimensional Adhesive

1. Set aside two of the three larger scallop circles - we'll use them as the base of the card later. Take each of the remaining scallop circle and snip at every nook.

2. You should see something like this. Notice that they're not exact -- it'll be ok!

3. Attach all three of the scalloped snipped circles together to for the beginning of your flower

4. Place your center circle piece on top (the 2 inch circle piece).

5. Fold each of the petals around the center piece.

6. Repeat for each flower layer

7. Glue your leaf pieces onto the larger circle (3 1/4 inch).

8. You should still have 2 of the largest scalloped circles, a flower piece and an "inside" piece

9. I'm not necessarily promoting this product over another. I'm just showing what I use. :D You can use whatever dimensional adhesive you want.

The one reason I like this one is because I can use the "excess" strips -- they're also very thin (which allows me to maximize the inside of my card). You can see mine is missing some of the outside strips. I believe in using the full product -- even the part that is supposed to be "throw away"!

10. Take one of the large scalloped circles. Place a piece of adhesive on the top and the bottom. Make sure you leave enough room between the adhesive for your "inside" card!

11. Attach your flower piece to the other large scallop circle. Attach flower to the dimensional adhesive.

12. Slip the inside card in and you're done!

13. You should get something like this if you turn the card to its side.

14. Decorate your piece as you see fit!

Ok, that wasn't too bad right? It's all pretty easy - I went a little overboard on the photos because I really wanted to make sure everything was clear! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to address it! Let me know if you make your own flower card! I'd love to see them!