Friday, June 05, 2009

I love sending my husband little fun lovey dovey notes sometimes -- simply just because. I slip them into his lunch bag so he'll find it when I'm not there. :D When we did long distance, I used to hide them in random spots in his apt so he'd find them randomly during his day (pantry, medicine cabinet, bookshelf). Turned out to be quite an easter hunt sometimes... since he usually knew I did it so the minute I left, he'd be searching for them.

This is to my lovely hubster for:
  • beginning my day with an "I love you"
  • making breakfast for me everyday (or at least shoving a yogurt in my hands before I run to catch the bus)
  • letting me call him a big fat dork every day and sometimes, just sometimes, not calling me one as well ;-)
  • doing the guy things around the house - garbage, installing shelves, crafty corner boards, towel rings ;-)
  • making fun of me for reading the instructions and then being grateful later that I did read said instructions
  • thinking of others and being friendly to everyone -- even when I have to drag him along to get him to stop talking to the store clerk I do like that he does
  • tickling me (just seeing if he reads this... hah! I'm so ticklish sometimes all he has to do is look at me with a tickle glare and I'll crack up laughing until my stomach hurts). But seriously.. for making me laugh -- even when I'm grumpy
  • never complaining that I steal his sheets every night
  • Ending the day with an "I love you"
Ok, card deets! Done with the lovey dovey. I stamped the XO border and I thought it'd make a fun bg! Nice and whimsical. Seeing all the swirls other people have been doing made me inspired to pull out the Autumn Leaves swirls set I have -- remember I said I was using dusty old things? Another dusty old thing was the fun sentiment. Added the fun felt flower, again another dusty old thing. And of course, how could we top this off with a new basket thing -- the pearl pin.

Ahh, I'm loving the dusty old things and the new basket things!!

Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms, Hero Arts, Autumn Leaves
Ink: Raspberry Fizz (PTI)
Paper: Kraft, Hibiscus Burst, Raspberry Fizz (PTI)
Other: Ribbon (stash), Pin (Maya Road), Flower (Making Memories)


Mara... said...

Such a sweet card and what a sweet thing to do for your hubby!!! I love that!

Sandy said...

Very pretty card! I too love to give hubby fun, loving cards. I love to tuck them where he'll find them doing something later in the day. On his car seat, in his Bible, with work things, etc. Great card!

AUsome mom said...

Very, very sweet! It just means so much to leave each other special little things. I know it means alot to him.
By the way....I posted earlier with my email address, but in case you missed it, it's I was so excited to hear that I had won your candy!!!! I couldn't find your email, so I thought I would leave you mine so we could correspond. Thanks so much and thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us :)

IamDerby said...

Your hubby sounds like a doll and I love your card!!!

Leah said...

Love this! The colors are just perfect.

peggysue said...

Raspberry Fizz is a great color, and I love how you combined it with the Kraft paper. That red ribbon is so bright and just pops! Cute story you shared, thank you. I love my hubby too.

Lisa Graves said...

How sweet!!! Love it! :-)

virginia said...

How sweet my hubby loves them too.

Jennie said...

Such a pretty the pink and kraft!
Know you hubby will enjoy it!

Lyn S said...

Aw, that's so sweet Belinda! Love your card, the flower detail is gorgeous!

Ann said...

Oh, you newlyweds are all SO sappy! ;) Your card is gorgeous!

Melissa said... sweet! Your card is beautiful! I think I have that same dusty set of swirly things!

Anonymous said...

That is sooo sweet, the card is great too! :D

Val said...

Cute card. I hope you guys stay "all mushy" forever!

Stephanie Gruss said...

I love your card! This has inspired me to send my hubby a card tonight. Can I go shopping if I use all of the stuff I have? :) (I'd have to make a lot of cards and do a lot of scrapping to be able to do that!)

BethieJ said...

Oh that was so sweet Belinda!! LOVE the card.. it is so pretty!

Kathi said...

Your post was sweet. I hope he realizes how lucky he is too!

The card is wonderful.